Presswood Pallets

Compression molded Presswood Pallets are manufactured from wood particles or fibers bonded together with urea – formaldehyde resin. Details of manufacturing/ production process and ingredients inputs are provided in the subsequent sections. Molded Presswood pallets with stackable legs are made of pre-defined specifications, however, full board with wooden block pallets can be made as per the specifications and drawings of customer.

• Pallet Type :4-way entry non – reversible

• Racking: Not Recommended                                                                                       • Pallet Top : Corrugated

• Color: Light Brown                                                                                                         • Usage : Export via Ship

Sr NoModelPallet Size(mm)Load CapacityWeight(kg)

• Pallet Type : 4 way entry non – reversible

• Racking: Recommended                           • Pallet Top: Flat board, Bottom: Honeycomb                                                                                                                           • Color : Light Brown                                                                   • Usage: Export via Ship

Sr NoModelPallet Size(mm)Load Capacity(kg)Weight

Ingredients Input of Presswood Pallets

a )Product :

1- Presswood Pallet
2. Raw Material:


  1. Recycled Wood
  2. Softwood (pine)
  3.  Tropical Hardwood

   b. Resins

  1. Urea Formaldehyde
  2. Emulsion Wax
  3. Hardener


WoodRecycled wood55%-75%
Tropical Hardwood10%-15%
ResinUF resin8%-15%CAS : 68071-45-4
Emulsion WaxBelow 5%CAS : 68071-45-6
HardenerBelow 5%CAS : 68071-45-8

Presswood Pallets Production Process

The advantage of Presswood Pallets 

  • Environmentally friendly pallets with optimal convenience 

Made from wood by products and recycled materials, they can save you up to 70% in loading space. 

  • Competitive pricing, astounding functionality 

With these pallets, you can realize savings of 40% or more compared to wooden pallets and their prices are unlikely to change, since they are made from 100% recycled raw materials. When packaged in a regular format, they can be loaded in multiple layers.  

  • Engineered product to bear more load 

Their high maximum dynamic (1.5 – 2 tonnes) and static load (8 – 10 tonnes) rating allows for the easy storage and transportation of heavily loaded items. 

  • Quarantine-free safety and medical inspection systems 

Presswood Pallets do not have to be placed under quarantine, since they are fabricated using heat and pressure processes recommended by the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15. Thus, Presswood Pallets are exempted from ISPM 15 standards and does not require fumigations as per Clause 2.1 Revision of ISPM No. 15 – Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade. 

  • No SIREX treatment required 
  • No Mold or Insect damage 
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen Free 
  • Complies with EMS policies of not using solid wood 
  • Superior Product features 

Presswood Pallets can be forked from four directions and improved dimensional consistency. 

  • Biodegradable 

Presswood Pallets are completely safe and bio-degradable. It leaves no harmful chemicals after decomposition. 

Comparative Analysis of all Pallets Type

1Ideal for export (satisfies all the requirement) NoYesYes
2Cost competitiveness no(Rs1200-1500)NoNo
3Heat Treatment & fumigation requiredYes(Rs 100-150)NoNo
4Easily stackable (Space optimization) NoNoYes
5Load bearing capacity (Dynamic) >1 ton(max)1-2 ton < 2 ton
6Load bearing capacity (Static)>2Ton(max)3-4 Ton<8 ton
7Biodegradable (easy to dump) NoNoYes
8Recycled green and sustainableNoYesYes
9Damage of Material due to presence of Nails YesNoNo
10Less time for clearance NoYesYes
11Resistant to bugsNoYesYes
12Resistant to extreme fire and flame NoYesNo
13Usable in all climatic conditionsNoYesNo
14Reactions to hazardous material ReactiveNon-ReactiveLess-Reactive
15Fumigation Requirement NeededNon-NeededNot Needed

Presswood Pallets Applications and Industries


The advantage of our Presswood Pallets 

Our pallets are superior to other Presswood Pallets because of the following reasons: 

  • Higher densities (900- 950 kg/M3) compared to Chinese, Korean or US manufacturers 
  • Higher static load bearing capacity of 7,500 kgs compared to 3000 kgs to 6000 kgs of competition 
  • Higher weight (1200 mm*1000 mm*140 mm pallet weighs 20 – 30 kgs compared to 16 kgs of competition) 
  • Stronger and can take abusive conditions 

In fact, we make the strongest Presswood Pallets as a standard pallet in the world. In India, operating conditions are very harsh and operators do not handle the pallets properly. So, we have designed the pallets to be very rugged.